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Kim's Diary
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Kim's Diary

Thank you 06-05-2007

It has been more than fine. I'll put my rackets in their cupboard. After a fantastic and moving goodbe in Antwerp my motivation wasn't the same anymore. Therefore a slightly longer and extended diary to you, my fans.

The recurring injuires, having difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning, needing about an hour to get all the muscles warmed up, the demanding preparations of the marriage with Brian... It all makes things a bit difficult to keep on going.

Quitting tennis at an age of nearly 24 is pretty young still. I could have easily gone on and still reel in the four major big earners (three Grand Slams and the Masters). Money is important, but not the most important in my life. Health and happiness are so much more key to life.

The best memories of my life as a pro tennis player: the many tournament titles, the Grand Slams in the singles and the doubles, world champion and having been number on in singles and doubles. All great moments, but less important than enjoying oneself with the other players, the fun with the fans in Belgium and abroad, the joy and warmth of the disabled, the many happy faces of the elderly at "tea with Kim" or tears of joy of the women with the new dog. The many sportsmanship awards as well, awarded by the players themselves, will keep a special place in my house. They are the nicest one can get as a player.

So I won't be playing at Luxemburg or Stuttgart anymore, even though I promised the people over there I would. I can still live up to promises by visiting them then, but right now, it is time for a new life. Time for marrying. Children? Time for cooking and playing with the dogs. And above all time for my family and friends, no more travelling. No more airplanes in and out. No more gossip or lies in the newspapers. No more jetlag and no more packing and unpacking.

To conclude for you, dear fans: many thanks for all the support throughout the years. Many thanks for all the hundreds of thousansd of letters, presents and phone calls. Sorry to keep you up at night or making you nervous during matches. Many, many thanks to you all, especially those of the forum. All the best!

14 juli is the day we will marry. Many fans already asked where and how, but you'll understand that this day concerns a private event. Only family and close friends will be present.

But I won't leave without saying goodbye to you all and I will invite you all to a big party in September. Details won't be announced yet, but you'll hear about it on time in a newspaper or via

See you then! Many kisses.